Is there Love at First sight Final.

Indeed, love takes time to cultivate, and in love at first accquaintance there is simply not enough time for any of the activities of loving to be brought to fruition.  But let’s not be so fast to dismiss the idea; for there still appears to be room for a precursor to full-blown love.  This is not uncommonly referred to as falling in love. So is there such a thing as falling in love at first acquaintance?
Here, the metaphor of “falling” is quite helpful. In the act of falling, one is still in the process. It is not a fait accompli. The process of falling in love has begun and in time it can be “fully” actualized to the extent that anything in this imperfect world is ever completely actualized. In cases of love at first acquaintance, there appears to be an earnest desire to be loyal, consistent, candid, trustworthy, considerate, empathetic, tolerant, beneficent, and to be there for the other. There may also be a disposition or tendencies in this direction, which can come to fruition as the relationship matures.
Accordingly, there is clear meaning to the idea of falling in love at first acquaintance . This is where, after a first meeting, you passionate and exuberantly say to yourself, “This is the one with whom I want to spend the rest of my life; this is the one whom I will always cherish, and look out for; the one with whom I will share my deepest secrets and whose deepest secrets are, in my hands, safe and secure.” To the extent that this is not pretense and is genuine, not merely sexual attraction or infatuation, it can be the beginning of a life-long commitment.
Of course, things may change. After all, people do fall in and out of love; and obviously some people confuse mere sexual attraction with love and never really fall in love. But loving, as an intimate human activity of deep caring does have a beginning, and it can begin at first acquaintance as well as on the second or the third, and even several years down the road.
Inasmuch as this is what is really meant by the idea of “love at first sight,” it surely does exist, and there is no reason to suppose otherwise. Of course, those who have had the experience of falling in love at first acquaintance know well what it means.  I can speak from my own experience.  What do you think?

Gabriel D Odonkor


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