Politics, money,Religion

Politics has now become the order of the day, and we blindly vote they wrong people to be in service as leaders in our democratic system.
Sometimes I wonder, if politics is a game or it should be a means,of electing leaders to serve the nation. We can all testify that not everybody can be a leader. So we vote for someone we think he or she is capable to do the work, but when voted in, I just can tell what changes their mind on the duties they need to perform. Is it MONEY. And its true the love of money turns to the root of all evil act. Because of its love we tend to steal,cheat parking all  worldly ventures to ourselves.


We’ve forgotten about the word love. If we tend to study what love is in it Good form , I feel this world we be of comfort.

And those leaders who act in this way of loving money instead of doing the job. Are elders in our RELIGIOUS GROUPS.
Holding their HOLY BOOKS claiming to be worshippers.
God helps us, give our leaders the wisdom to do what is right and think about their subjects in a positive way.
Written by : Gabriel Djabatey Odonkor.

Gabriel D Odonkor

Gabriel D Odonkor


3 thoughts on “Politics, money,Religion

  1. I want to talk something small about politics,well to set the ball rolling, politics is like democratic what i want to tell is that government should because we are suffering from cholera because we don’t get any proper place to throw our rubbish so we throw it anywhere so place the government should help us, and also the domso domso they are destroying eg our refrigerators so place they should reduce it.


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