Daily Manna (July 17)

Daily Manna:

TOPIC: Justice Is Sure

Friday, July 17, 2015

TEXT: AMOS 2:1-5

KEY VERSE: “But I will send a fire upon Judah, and it
shall devour the palaces of Jerusalem” (Amos 2:5).

Modern theology teaches that there is no hell or a lake that burns with brimstone and fire; only an eternity of bliss in heaven after death on earth. The implication is that man can live here
independent of God’s laws, and yet end-up living with Him in eternity.

God endured the antediluvian, that is, the
generations before the flood, for about two millennia. When they refused to repent of their sins and wickedness, He flushed them out of the earth with flood. Only eight people survived God’s wrath and punishment.

The people of Sodom and Gomorrah stuck to their
lewdness and wickedness instead of repenting of them. When their cup of iniquity became full, angels came and razed the whole place to its foundation. Only Lot and his two daughters
survived God’s wrath and judgment. At this time, Judah had left the true worship of God, and went
after idols of other nations. God sent Prophet Amos to warn them that He would not condone their evil practices. Judah turned deaf ears to the prophets and ended-up in exile in Babylon.

The judgment of God is imminent upon this present world. It will come upon sinners, as well as upon those who take God and His word for granted like Judah did. You can escape God’s
judgment and wrath by turning a new leaf today. It
is unwise to continue in rebellion and disobedience
only to court God’s indignation in the end. People who fail to learn the lessons of life are doomed to a life of misery in time and eternity.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: God’s Indignation awaits
those who scoff at His word.


Judgement is coming: I hope someone is listening 👂👂👂!!!
By Mr. Lawer Joseph.

Gabriel D Odonkor


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