a letter to your teacher seeking permission to be absent from school tomorrow!

                 P. O. Box 85,

My dear teacher,

I’m very happy, sorry, it’s with sad heart that I write this letter to you. Please, tomorrow I will not step my feet into classroom. This is because we found a dead sheep in our area and so we would be using it to prepare dead sheep soup and fufu! and that if you are not around none would be left for you.

Last week, a dead chicken was found, by the time I got home the guys had done me  pasaa!

Our elders say a fool’s brokoss is stepped on only once, not twice! And so in the circumstances and as for tomorrow, I’ll not allow the guys to swerve me. For tomorrow Tweaaaaaa  Whether you understand or not, you will not see even my shadow in the classroom.

Bye Bye,
It’s me,
Yawvi Ahorlu


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