Raising Balanced Children
Are you a parent? A carer? A
brother or sister? A teacher?
A friend? Whatever part you
Currently play ‘It takes a
Nation to Raise A Child’
There is a reason that some
children thrive in certain
environment while others fail
and it starts with YOU!
We are all role models for the
younger generation and as such
it is our duty to understand what
exactly it is that they need and
the tools necessary to provide it
for them.
The children are truly the future,
they stand upon our shoulders
so we must show them with
strength and shower them with
knowledge and love.
Learn what you must teach your
children before it is too late and
what our education system are
holding back!
Why you are the student and
they are the teacher
The importance of sharing and
How to secure your children’s
financial future
Why you need to know who
your children’s role models are
How you are programming your
Why you should love it when
your children make mistakes
Choosing the right extra activities
is creating your child’s path
The importance of visualizations
and positive affirmations
Do you Really Want to be a
Better Parent or Carer Now?
Are you serious about improving
yourself while guiding your
children in the right direction?
Are you ready to guide them to
aim higher than ever imagined
and to have aspirations and
goals no matter what their
current circumstances may be.
Do you want to encourage the
younger generation to excel in
all area’s as you provide them
with tools to help along the way.
We all get side tracked and can
sometimes loose sight of our
true purpose. If you are willing
to open your mind and share
the new knowledge you acquire
then this book is for you.
‘Raising Balanced Children’ was
created so that I can share what
I have learnt from my years as a
carer of a child and working with
young people who were facing
many challenges in their lives
from homelessness, parents with
addictions or mental health and
those who had suffered sexual
I found that although the
external factors were often met
including schemes and support
from many young people
services, there was always
something missing. A link that
would tie together what was
going on in their outer worlds to
what was happening inside.
This Ebook Will Give You that
Missing Link..
Don’t miss out on this wonderful
book. Created with love and a
hope to uplift and inspire, to
help young people to discover
their individual power and how
to tap in to it. Open your mind,
to a brand new perspective on
raising your own balanced child.
Immediate download available
This 30 page Ebook is available
NOW for the Affordable price
of just £2.00. Also 15p from
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Summary of What’s Inside
The Beginning – We begin to
understand that our parents are
also spiritual beings, learning
how to be compassionate
humans, and that throughout
these journeys we call life, they
too would have made mistakes
and that they would have loved
and lost. They too will…..
Love your Children, Love your
self – There seems to be an
epidemic that is rising in the
world, of socially, emotionally
and spiritually at risk young
people who express little interest
in the real beauty that is Life. In
this the age of information so
many parents are oblivious to
the facts that their children are
being exposed to…..
Money Talks – As children we
are taught about money through
our parents and often whatever
their attitude towards money was
inevitably become ours. It is
imperative that if we want to
raise healthy and balanced
individuals the issue of….
Who do your Children believe
in? – Children are led to believe
that if they have pretty face,
huge ego, wear designer clothes
and drink lots of champagne
while being spotted in the
hottest clubs that this will make
them desirable to the opposite
sex, but we…
They are a reflection of you –
Every child born is a precious
gift. A new life made in the
perfection of their creator, a
miracle delivered upon the world
to make a difference in other
peoples lives and to spread joy.
But this precious gift also comes
as a teacher….
The Mind – If we can imagine
that each child that is born in to
this world has only its
subconscious mind. Then we
come to understand that the
child before us is like and
unprogrammed computer. By
the age of 5 that child will…
Making mistakes is good – Stop
badgering your children about
the real world. And how they
should and shouldn’t feel, speak
or act. The reality is that there is
no real world. Only individual
perceptions shaped in to colors
forms and physicality’s. The
reality is….
Known By Association – It is
imperative that we encourage
our children to associate with
those who are radiating positive
vibes and have a real love for all
that is life. Although we can not
choose their friends for them we
can raise our children to….
Teenagers – Instead of trying
endlessly to battle with a
hormonal teenager I suggest
letting out the reigns and
believing that with the morals
and values you have instilled will
bode them well in the rest of
their development. You see,
being a parent or role model is


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