Sex is Worship

Sex is worship. So  we must use
sex for all the right reasons.
Lets get down to the basics.
Everything in the earthly realm
has a parallel in the spirit realm.
Marriage is the earthly parallel of
our union with the Bridegroom,
Jesus Christ Himself, in eternity. It
is also the reflection of Kingdom
living. Sex is the earthly parallel of
the oneness we will experience
when we finally join with Him. The
orgasm is the earthly parallel of
the ecstasy we will feel
throughout eternity from that
union! Wow! Can you just
imagine? That’s why we’ll need
glorified bodies. No human body
would be able to contain such a
powerful sensation for sensation
for such a sustained amount of
time! But God has chosen to
allow us to experience just a
smidgen of it here on earth so
that we’ll have something to look
forward to.
When we celebrate God and
move from high praise into deep
worship, something deep within
us is stirred. It’s an indescribable
feeling that fills our souls,
bubbles up, and pours forth from
our very being. There’s nothing
that comes close to it, nothing
except sex. It’s that same
emptying out of self. This is the
epitome of being a living sacrifice,
giving all that you are and all that
you have to the objects of your
affections. There is no room for
pretense; you are naked with no
distractions, nothing between the
two of you- this is as real as you’ll
ever get with another person.
And when the celebration
subsides you find yourself spent
but satisfied. It is a glorious thing-
in the right context.


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