Creation vs Evolution

Creation Seminar Topics
Seminars consist of one or more of the
following sessions. Each session lasts about
1 hour including time for some questions.
PowerPoint presentations utilizing a
computer projector are included in each
Evolution – Science or Religion?
The theory of evolution is not scientific
because it is not observable, repeatable or
verifiable, nor is it subject to
experimentation. It also contradicts known
laws of science such as the law of
biogenesis, law of kinds and the second law
of thermodynamics. True science never
contradicts the Bible while the theory of
evolution is contradictory to the Bible.
Mathematical probabilities also rule out the
creation of life by chance.
The Biblical Record of Creation and The
This session answers many questions such
as “What did the first man look like?”, “When
was man created?”, “What was different
about the earth before the flood?”, “From
where did the flood waters come and
where did the water go after the flood?”,
“What evidence is there today of a world-
wide flood”, and “Was the ark capable of
handling all the animals?”
The Fossils Say No!
The fossil record does not support the
theory of evolution but rather favors the
Biblical record of the flood. There is no
evidence in the fossil record of one species
evolving into another. A major portion of
this session deals with dinosaurs, why they
are so popular, when they lived, and how
they became extinct. Also considerable time
is spent exposing the fallacy of so called
“prehistoric men”.
Design and Purpose in Nature
Everything designed has a designer. The
entire creation from the tiny atom to the
entire universe shows purpose and design.
Examples of design are shown from the
plant and animal kingdoms, the human
body, the earth, the moon, and the sun.
A Young Earth
In addition to the Biblical record, many other
observations, such as population statistics,
radiometric dating, the earth’s magnetic
field, lack of helium in the earth’s
atmosphere and tree ring dating, point to a
young earth.
Theistic Evolution
Various ideas regarding theistic evolution,
such as the day-age theory and the gap
theory, are refuted and shown to be
compromises. Evolution is shown to be a
religion and not a science.


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