The Spirit of God has come as a tempest of
fire and wind. He is a driving force. Today,
mighty throbbing steam trains are polished
and set up in museums, no fire in their belly,
no steam screaming through the mountains.
Fire! God gives the Holy Spirit to make us
what we are not. It is not just to bless us with
a nice meeting, an emotional stimulant or
heavenly candy. The Spirit is not concerned
with the state of our feelings, but with the
state of the godless world. He comes in to
send us out, to give us stamina, fibre for our
backbone of boldness. The Holy Spirit is God’s
arm of emancipation. He makes slaves the
partners of His throne. The Bible is our fire-
guide. Some read God’s Word critically but the
Word is their critic and by their own attitude
towards the Word they condemn themselves.
Unbelief is judgment. But “your Word is a
lamp to my feet…” God bless you and good
day from Ghana.


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