A Word For All

If you are identified by what you do, then
your self-worth is based on something you
can’t always control. If you are what you’ve
achieved in life, then you always have to do
more than others in order to feel valuable. If
your identity comes from the good things
you’ve done, you can never be good enough.
If your identity comes from the bad things
you’ve done, then we’re all in trouble because
we’ve all sinned. If your identity is tied to
what others think of you, then you’ll never be
able to rest – for people’s opinions are always
changing. Outside of Jesus, we all have a
distorted identity because outside of Jesus
we’re all seeking our value and identity from
an illusion. If you search for only an image,
you’ll miss the real value of your life. Friends,
how many of us are spending all our time
seeking a reflection of reality – but
overlooking the reality itself. Don’t pursue an
image, pursue the real you.


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